New Mexico Bag Event

I sent some bags to Bagette Jessie in New Mexico for her to give out at her local farmer's market at a kids table. She had the kids paint (!!!) on the bags. How cool is that? I've had kids draw on bags with crayons and markers but not paint. The kids are so cute and sweet. Look at the great card that Jessie sent with signatures from the littles. Made my day! Thanks Jessie, keep up the great work! Teresa

Hey! I meant to send these to you sooner, sorry. Our bag painting at the Roswell farmer's market was super successful. We had over 60 kids paint bags and I gave away a lot to parents that day as well. Thanks for making this possible!

Jessie Hansen
Chapter Coordinator
Roswell, NM

ANNOUNCING: Green Bag Lady South Carolina!

I haven't had the privilege of announcing TWO chapters in the same week. Yippeee! Look at these lovely ladies in South Carolina and the great bags they have made. Even some super cute Junior Bagettes! Awesome! Thanks Rebecca for taking the initiative in SC! Teresa

Sorry for the delay, but here's a pic from our first meeting! So from left to right: my sister Julie and her daughter Joanna, me, friend and fellow girl scout leader Anna, and then longtime family friend Rachel and her daughter Jocelyn.

We'll get better as we go, we were all a little rusty.

Chapter Coordinator
Charleston, SC

ANNOUNCING: Green Bag Lady Wyoming!

I'm so excited to introduce you to Becca, our newest chapter coordinator in WYOMING! Yay! I met Becca when I spoke at Montessori Education Center of the Rockies back in June. She contacted me about starting a chapter and I am so thrilled. Look at her first bags! Thanks for joining us Becca. You are fabulous! Teresa

Hello! I finally got my first bags done!! That was so exciting! 

Chapter Coordinator
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Photo Finish Friday

Preying Mantis on hubby's truck. Wow!
Why we don't need bin liners. (thanks Harmony)

Cool "Pay it Forward" bag program. (thanks Wendy)

Very cool! Maybe pillows in purple for Big Girl's dorm room??

So cute.

I'm both fascinated and disturbed.


I feel like this week has been long, no idea why, I was just always off on days. I thought Tuesday was Thursday, etc. Why?? Looking forward to a patio pizza party tomorrow night and a tennis tourney fundraiser on Sunday, you? Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO--Teresa

New Zealand Chapter UPDATE

Hi Teresa 

First Pic: Had a weekend sewing with friends and amongst other items made 8 more bags to give out locally.

Second Pic: One of bags I gave out to friends at weekend had its first outing today.

Bagette Olive  
New Zealand Chapter Coordinator

Russia Bag!

Hi. Got your bags and went with her to the store. My mum's doesn't want to be photographe. Thank you! I really liked your bags!

Daria D
Moscow, RUSSIA
Bag #44788

Spots-N-Dots WINNERS!

Congratulations to the following lucky folks:

WINNERS of the 20 Green Bag Lady Spots-N-Dots shopping bags are:

Jennifer J, CA
Sarah C, AZ
Tracy B, MA
Ginger H, CANADA
Rachel H, OH

Helen G, IN
Emilia L, OH
Taneya R, CA
Marianne K, MI

Mandie D, WA
Darina B, RUSSIA
Anastasiya P, RUSSIA

Lori S, IL
Larisa S, RUSSIA
Tatyana M, RUSSIA
Please look for an email from Bagette Dad. He will be asking for your mailing address so we can send you your prize. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. We have issues with emails going to spam. Thanks and enjoy!

The emails will look like this:
Green Bag Lady, Spots-N-Dots_9_2017

Spots-N-Dots FREEBIE!

I spy with my little eye something with spots…

20 bags of spotty goodness to give out this time around? Who's in??

To enter to win:
•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 9pm (PST) Monday, Sept 11 (winners will be notified no later than Tuesday Sept 12 via email and here on the blog so CHECK BACK!)

Don't forget to leave us your email! We will only contact you if you win.

We will randomly pick 20 people to win.

One entry per person. If you enter more than once, all your entries will be disqualified.

We will ship shopping bags internationally. You MUST use English for your comments. Do the best you can, use Google Translate if necessary.  Non-English comments will be removed.

Good luck!!!!! Teresa

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Photo Finish Friday

Big Buck in my yard!
I could look at these all day.



Smart spoon.

To try!

Pretty things.

I'm looking forward to a mellow weekend. Hubby and Little Man are going camping so it will just be me and Little Girl. Love hanging out with her sweet soul. I need to get some sewing done AND clean up my sewing space. It's a crazy mess. YOU? XOXO--Teresa

Netherlands Bag!

One of my students, the most masculine one, with his green green bag.

Bagette Ingeborg
Chapter Coordinator